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 Conveniently located, close to Salem, Beverly,Peabody,all northshore towns

 Sat august 8, obedience training, 9:00am
Protection training, 10:00 break at noon for grill , all welcome ! 

Miles River Kennel DDR
Colorado and Bonnie, on right, founder of breeding program
Colorado , Bonnie ,bomb squad k-9 actors, with Jeff Bridges

Welcome to the home of  Von Barren Berg Shepherds! Hello, my name is Linda. I own a training and breeding kennel (Miles River Training Kennel) located on the North Shore in beautiful Ipswich, Massachusetts. I have been training dogs in New England for over 25 years, and I specialize in obedience and behavioral training for all breeds of dogs. I started breeding the East German Shepherds in 1990. Throughout the 1990's I have been working to preserve the original German Shepherd Dog, the DDR. In 1998, my good friend Cathy, of Rowley, Ma. decided to get involved with my breeding program. She too is an East German Shepherd enthusiast with 5 dogs of her own, and has a separate kennel, NordOsten Kennel, located in Rowley. Together we breed for the best possible qualities such as temperament, health and structure. We provide dogs to families as well as to the Law Enforcement community. We feel the East German Shepherds are very versatile. They can be trained in many different fields such as obedience, herding, tracking, personal protection, agility, canine good citizen, therapy dog and more. They are very intelligent dogs who love personal companion work.

Von BarrenBerg GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS, Colorado and Bonnie, acted in Hollywood movie  "Blown Away",  as bomb squad dogs, starring Jeff Bridges and Tommy Lee Jones,  filmed in BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS.  Bonnie was founder of Von BarrenBerg German Shepherd Dog breeding program, Colorado was Bonnies daughter

 German Shepherd puppies , Massachusetts , located in town of Ipswich , to approved homes only, East German, Czech, and Slovac lines

German Shepherd breeder in Massacusetts for 24 years

Looking for an EastGerman Puppy, check out, Litters now-Litters due Page !!!!!!!!




Helping to preserve the DDR (East German) dog, has become a very important part of my life. I would like to share with you just how and why the DDR dog has won my heart.

I have been rehabilitating and training dogs for 25 years. The first "problem dog" was sent to me when I was 18. In 1987, I decided to look for a quality dog, one I could train and show for my own pleasure. The German Shepherd dog always had impressed me, so the search started. Having a good eye for animals, I knew what I wanted, but quickly became more and more discouraged with what I was finding. I didn't take long to knock the American show dog off the list, for to me the physical structure and the character trait of lack of courage were not very appealing. I knew I wanted a dog with versatility-one that could be trained in different areas, such as TDI (Therapy Dog International) and protection! The German-bred dogs were the ones to look at, but still, something wasn't right. In some cases the drive was too high, even when we weren't working. In addition, I still had a certain quality of bone structure and overall character traits that I was looking for.

After a long search, I was beginning to think the dog I had pictured in my mind had been lost due to changes in breeding programs over the years.

Then one night while reading the Want Ads, I came across an ad that caught my eye. It was the first time I had heard a DDR shepherd dog ever mentioned. The father was a DDR Sch III, and the mother, a West German Sch I, farm-raised and bred for quality, companionship, and temperament. I will never forget the dark, rainy night I drove out to western Massachusetts to look at the dogs. My search was over! The adults had that unmistakably friendly eye as well as the strong bone and head structure I had been looking for.

This is where my beloved "Bonnie" picked me out. Little did I know then how much she would change my life! She was her father's daughter in every way, a masculine female with a sound temperament. She went on to teach me the characteristics so common to the DDR dog: an ideal companion dog for inside the house, as well as a great traveling companion, excited about activities such as camping, mountain climbing, etc.

Although an extremely obedient and dedicated companion, I was to learn over the years that performance obedience for showing was not easily achieved. I always told people, "She knows there is no reason to walk circles in a ring!" After her C.D. (Companion Dog) which, with a lot of work, she scored in the 190's, we stuck to things we could both enjoy! This included things like TDI, protection training, tracking, and even some big Hollywood movies!

Over the years I was fortunate enough to meet Teri Townsend, and together with her fine DDR stock, including the late Klokows Lex, Bonnie has produced outstanding sons, daughters, and grandchildren, with high levels of quality DDR blood. They have made many parents and children very happy. They have also have become search and rescue dogs, police dogs, and even sledding dogs!

Bonnie past away in 2001, people visit her family here regularly. They always speak for themselves! Even show breeders who have never heard of the DDR shepherd have come to visit, and leave wanting one of the dogs for companionship!

I strongly believe it would be a very sad day for the German Shepherd dog if the DDR blood is not preserved. I am extremely grateful that of all the dogs I have owned and trained, God brought Bonnie into my life, which opened my eyes to this unique DDR dog whose line I take great pride and pleasure in helping to preserve!

This story was written by Linda in 2002. Unfortunatly, Bonnie is no longer with us. She has however left us with a great line of DDR quality progeny.

     personal protection, shutzhund training,
obedience, behavior, problem solving,"Boot Camp"program ! contact for training info 

 Miles River, proud to introduce, Mike Harrington, certified master trainer and decoy. 30 years experience! !  Now offering personal protection, schutzhund, training classes to improve confidence and obedience !!  come by and meet     Saturdays 10:00 am   ,  Wednesdays 6pm  ,   email Linda ,  or  Mike,                                                           bite work training geared for schutzhund, or  personal protection  wednesdays at 6pm , saturdays 10am



Mike Harrington began training dogs in 1984. He is a Certified Master Dog Trainer who studied, Dog Psychology, Behavior Modification and Canine Aggression.

Mike has worked extensively with top trainers from the USA, Belgium, Germany,

and Czechoslovakia.

Mike has trained hundreds of dogs, of all-breeds and coached their owners in Basic - Advanced Obedience, Behavior Modification, Home & Personal Protection and all phases of Dog Sport Competition.

Mike has also trained, titled dogs from puppies, competed, and performed decoy work in the sport of Schutzhund.

Some of Mike’s accomplishments

Graduate Canine Academy School for Dog Trainers-Certified Dog Trainer–Obedience-Protection
Graduate Olympia Kennels  School for Dog Trainers–Certified Master Dog Trainer- all phases
Owner – Operator & Training Director All About Dogs
Training Helper & Trial Decoy for O.G. Boston Schutzhund Club
President, Training Director and Helper & Trial Decoy Middlesex County Schutzhund Club

Mike Harringon, North Boston Dog Training, with his personal protection and schutzhund training group at Miles River Kennel, Ipswich ma. Conveniently located close to Salem, Beverly, Peabody, all northshore area


Mike Harrington, North Boston Dog Training

OBEDIENCE TRAINING CLASStraining2006020xsm.jpg

Obedience & behavior Dog Training Class, Ipswich Ma, conveniently located near Salem, Beverly,Peabody, Northshore area,  all ages and breeds are welcome ,  pay per class, Over 30 years of training experience, Please e-mail Linda for info ,  

Saturdays obedience class will be held at 9am

Obedience and Behavior Training Boot Camp, 25 years experience

Basically, the inkennel training program,(boot camp), installs the basic obedience, behavior, self control and attention  necessary to achieve a comfortable bond for working and living together.
  All dogs are different, age, breed, and behavioral habits already installed may contribute to length of time training might take.
 average inkennel program is 2 weeks, $420/ week, if longer stay is required , price reduces to $350/week after first 2 weeks 

 Puppies out of  Billy and Tarapin von BarrenBerg, Tarapin is daughter of Matti and Remmington !  There is  now 1 dark sable female available, only 7 wks old,  email Linda for more info

Tarapin x Billy female, 7 wks old
german shepherd puppydksablef.jpg

REMINGTON X Oona PUPPIES HAVE ARRIVED !! May 23rd,  Oona is daughter of Mia vom BirkenWald and Billy von BarrenBerg,  will be ready to see first of July, will only be 3 pups available  contact Linda,



GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES READY IN MAY ! both litters are spoken for contact Linda for more info   east and east with some , czech german shepherd puppies


Harley x Remington Puppy, 6 weeks old

Harley x Remington puppies have arrived ! born Feb, 26,  2 females, 5 males.(spoken for)

Annie x Billy puppies arrived March 13 !! 5 females, 2 males,   will be ready mid,end May ! (spoken for).Dark Sables and 2 solid black females,  next spring litter due end of May, email Linda,

Annie x Billy von BarrenBerg
germanshepherdpuppies in ma1213121030.jpg

click here to play video of Annie with 2 day old pups !!

Last son of Bonnie
Gunther von Barren Berg - AD,SG,BH ,
Kenzo von BarrenBerg, grandson of Gunther
son of Remington
17 days old, eyes just openning !
germanshepherd Harleypup17days.jpg
for availability, email Linda

Emma & Elka
puppy training
Gunther grandchildren

Abby is a Gunther x Gizzy daughter

German Shepherd Dog, AIMEE, with buddy,MUNCHIE !
Aimee leading her flock of turkeys :)))

 TRAINING CLASS  will start in spring  contact LINDA - If you would like to join in, please contact Linda for a private"Meet & Greet " first ,

mia eastgerman puppies pic.jpg
Mia xBilly pups 1year ago
Annie x Billy pups
Little Keely training Little Ham !!
Ham has been adopted to a wonderful loving couple !
Luna x Billy pups 4 weeks old
learning to eat !

play video of Luna X Billy's 4week olds eating !

(The original Bonnie ,at 1 yr.old, accompanying Linda while conditioning 2 saddlebreds, Jay & Boss, under the watch of trainer Woody Follett, on Edge Wood Farm in N. Andover, Ma. in the fall of 1988.)

East German Shepherd puppies

call or email  Linda    






Gunther (Gump) april 27, 1996- aug 11, 2009 An incredibly , remarkable companion.


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Linda's Females
Males/Stud Dogs
Litters now/Litters Due
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DDR German Shepherd
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east german shepherds


(Linda w/ Bonnie , Colorado , Elsa ,  and Dennie in sled !)

Billy & Annie von BarrenBerg
east german shepherd sable dogs



Gabby & Baldre in L.A. sending Holiday cheer !!!!!
black eastgerman shepherd puppy
Baldre is a 1/2 brother of Billy , Luna x Kane son

click here to play video of Luna with Baldre litter 1 1/2 yrs ago !!

click here to play video of Emma & Elka on Holiday chair

click here to play video of Mia-Billy pups 4wks playing

click here to play video of fluffy female jumping wall !

click here to play video of Billy x Mia pups last january, at 4 wks old eating after play

The Sheehan family of Reading want to thank Linda for the gift of Nikki Von Barren Berg Sheehan.
Nikki was offspring to Gunther and Gizmo and had to be part human.  She was extremely intelligent, hard working, courageous, loyal, obedient, sweet, protective and most of all loving.  We will miss Nikki tremendously as she has left a permanent paw print in our hearts.
Barry, Linda, Conor and Mark Sheehan

nikkineweast german shepherd.jpg
Abby with grouse in mouth, bird hunting in Main
german shepherd dogs in new england
owner Ray Hopkins


Wisdom DDR
Linda's DDR driving pony !!!!